We teach skills to help kids thrive. What are your child’s areas for growth?

  • low self esteem

  • diminished or low self confidence

  • adapting to change

  • being honest

  • respect for others

  • Respect for self

  • peer pressure

  • impulse control

  • making good decisions

  • making & keeping friends

  • dealing with setbacks or failure

  • fear or loss

  • integrity

  • self image

  • self doubt

  • risk-taking behaviour

  • unwillingness to try new things

Our Hero Wisdom Workshops are designed to build awareness and to foster the development of new ways of thinking. They teach kids to harness the power of their minds and their thoughts to create a happy, fulfilling and empowered life.

Often kids find themselves lacking sufficient or appropriate tools for dealing with uncomfortable situations, setbacks and struggles. They react emotionally and can create patterns of thought and behaviour that lead to even more challenges. The struggle to react rationally is real and is based in brain development. Their young brains are not yet equipped to rationalize and view things logically or from many perspectives. By participating in HW Workshops, our young clients develop new awareness of their minds as well as skills, habits, attitudes and behaviours for managing what life throws at them.