Customized One-on-One Hero Wisdom Coaching

  • Start with a free initial consultation to fully understand how the Hero Wisdom Workshops can support the needs of your child. Then your child will work independently with Coach Kim for hour-long sessions.

Small Group Hero Wisdom Workshops

  • Small groups allow for the development of confidence and voice in a fun, structured setting, while learning the Hero Wisdom life skills and practicing them within the group. We welcome you to put together your own group of 3 to 12 participants. It’s recommended that participants are within 2 years of age of one another. Coach Kim and Coach Suzanne join forces when working with small groups.

Mindfulness with Yoga

  • Specialized yoga instruction for kids can be incorporated into small group workshops to teach stillness and mindfulness through gentle movement and attention to breathing. Coach Suzanne can add fun yoga poses to small group sessions.