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Kim Sarsons, BA BEd MEd , Adventures in Wisdom Life Coach for Kids

Parent, teacher, friend, traveller, creator, coach, collaborator, risk-taker, artist, organizer, encourager, listener, goal-setter, goal-achiever, motivator, adventurer, planner, and my own hero!


Coach Kim

23 years - educator

13 years - parent

2 years Wisdom Coach

Suzanne Diermann, BEd, FIS (Fitness Instructor Specialist), Stress and Resiliency Coach

Parent, teacher, friend, truth seeker, fitness fanatic, yoga practitioner, life-long learner, encourager, motivator, positive thinker, gritty “go getter”, and my own hero!


Coach Suzanne

17 years - educator

16 years - parent

10 years - fitness instructor

2 years - stress & resiliency coach

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