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A child that develops mindfulness can have more control over their lives by learning how to understand their thoughts and respond to them appropriately. At The Hero Wisdom Workshop we teach kids enduring life skills by coaching them to master their thoughts. A story-centric method presents our young heroes with relatable characters and situations, fostering empathy and nurturing self-awareness.

We’re educators with more than 40 combined years of classroom experience, and we transform kids, making them heroic! Book a one on one workshop for your child to begin experiencing transformation.


Skills for Success & Empowerment

The units we teach are designed around skills that kids will use throughout life. Topics address an array of struggles including: feeling shy; being bullied; anger; yo-yo self-esteem; lying; being sassy; feeling powerless; and so much more.

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Coaching Units

A series of six units are comprised of up to six lessons in each. Units can be taught one on one or in small groups. Participants follow action steps to practice and develop skills between each weekly session. Resources for parents to support new habits at home.

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“We teach kids how to take the small steps that bring heroic changes”

— Hero Wisdom Workshop, TM